Wood Plastic Systems - Natural Wood in Drinking Water Plastic

WOPAS is the new alternative for utility poles and marine piles. After carefully having listened to grid owners, line men and marine constructors, and after five years of research and development, WOPAS launched its innovative concept to the market in 2017. 

WOPAS utility pole and marine piles offers generates less environmental footprint and a much improved working environment based on an innovative technology with proven materials - natural wood in drinking water plastic. Finally!

Energy & Telecom  - WOPAS value proposition 

Natural wood - free from toxic impregnatation - encapsulated with drinking water plastic - compatible with climbing shoes and fastening material - unprecedented mechanical properties - wood pecker resistant - 60-80 years life time - fully recyclade to new products - YES PLEASE!

WOPAS value proposition

Design for Recycling

As an integrated part of the research and development, WOPAS involved Stena Recycling to understand the whole life cycle of the materials. The WOPAS wooden structures remain uncontaminated and represents no hazardous materail, but can instead be reused into new products. In other words, not special waste triggering long distance transport and cost for destruction. Smart!

WOPAS Design for Recycling

News & events

ENIDA increases environmental focus - builds with WOPAS

Power grid owner ENIDA of Egersund, Norway, have made their first project with WOPAS. In 2019 ENIDA was certified according to The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation (Miljøfyrtårn). Using environmental friendly WOPAS poles for the upgrade of the 15 kV Hetlandsheia power line suddenly became a natural choice. Pressrelease in Norwegian

50 more piles to Vordingborg

Vordingborg marina has completed a first succesful trial of WOPAS piles, and adds an order of 50 piles. Being non-toxic, and resistant to corrosion and ship worms, WOPAS meet the requirements of Vordingborg, operating 9 marinas in southern Denmark.

WOPAS marine pile with integrated barb

WOPAS marine pile has a separate wooden point. The PE plate of the wooden point is larger than the PE plate of the pile, hence it creates a barb. The function counteracts lifting forces. 

Safety Training

3/27/2018- WOPAS
Cresto company, Mr Benny Eriksson, hosted a three day course for the energy grid owners of Ale El, Alingsås Energi, Lerum Energi and Mölndal Energi. The safety training course was held in Alingsås and WOPAS utility pole was used throughout the course. 


"WOPAS technology with wood and polyethylene is very interesting and has potential for many different applications" - Roberto Crocetti, Professor at Division of Structural Engingeering, KTH Stockholm

"WOPAS utility pole works just as good for climbing as a traditional wooden pole" state Marcus and Jim with Ale El during a safety training course hosted by Alingsås Energi. 

"The combination of wood and polyethylene is very interesting" - Former CEO of grid owner Hallingdal Kraftnett for 17 years - Kåre Trillhus.

"Hallingplast is a very solid company, creating great values for our society and are willing to invest for the future". Ola Tronrud, Tronrud Engineering, about WOPAS' mother company Hallingplast AS.

Dialog under REN Metodedager 2017

Dialogue during industry market days in Norway, REN Metodedager 2017